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Thomas A. Watson
57 Sunset Hill Drive
Monroe CT 06468
203 268-8590

Education: Northeastern University, Boston Ma. BSEE 1973
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System Experience:
Excutives: (Linux redhat suse slackware mandrake caldera)
(MS NT 95 98 ME Win 3.1 DOS) Unix (hp-ux irix solaris convex sun os) Dec VMS

Hardware: PC, (SGI Onyx Origin 200 Power Challenge, Octane O2) Dec Vax
Sun Convex Hp-9000

Software: C C++ Basic Pascal CMS-2M Fortran ADA PLM HTML

Amplified Experience:
Watman Associates1998 to Present
Consulting Engineer. Currently developing single display multi-window and multi-display Direct Access Electronic Trading Systems. The system uses COTs Intel PC's with Linux. The Linux single and multi-display System's use organized screen real-estate of 30,000 by 1200 pixels. This provides a user with 10 to 20 times the viewable information on current PC's and workstations. This allows for the open tracking of multiple real time financial analysis programs. The above systems are tested by performing live trading on a daily basis. The goal is the development of an integrated suite of software tools to provide real time trading information in highly organized and usable formats. The second area of development is in the volume processing of digital images and the automation of archiving the imagery in html or web pages. Currently over 10000 high resolution photos are published and indexed in 500 hundred plus web pages. Ten intra networked computer systems via thin wire, 10 and 100 Base-T are maintained 24x7. These systems have broadband access the Internet via firewalled gateway. This heterogeneous network includes computers running several Linux distributions, Window 3.11, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT.

Northrup Grumman Norden Systems1993 to 1998
Senior Systems Engineer, Advanced Programs Group. Cleared Secret. Awarded the Northrup Grumman 1996 Performance Leadership Award. This award was given for Mr. Watson's development of ATR processing programs and the successful implementation of a multi competitor ATR algorithm computer facility in a few month time frame. Responsibilities included developing software and systems used for Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) development demonstration and certification. The programs were used with the Norden systems Multi Mode Radar System (MMRS) identified as the APG-76. Developed BIG SAR ATR program. This program was developed to provide a portable demonstration of an advanced Wide Area Tactical SAR RADAR display program with integrated automatic target recognition. Developed IFSAR image rendering program. This program was used in the creation of IFSAR data demonstration movie. This program was also use as part of an ATP for a 32 head SGI onyx system. Developed programs for systems integration an analysis of hippi and gigabit ethernet communications between SGI Power Challenge and Origin 200 systems. Developed integrated dual display Xwindow based custom Window Manager demonstration program executive(DPE). The system was implemented on a SGI indy computer. The DPE is in use today as Advanced Programs Group integrated marketing demonstration program. The DPE included IFSAR 3D wide area flyby, Wide area SAR mapping with moving target indicator(MTI) history, Sar stepped resolution, Medium and Ultra high resolution SAR with MTI. Developed data analysis programs to extract and synchronized IQ radar, IMU and intra MMRS radar data. Developed data extraction, integrity and analysis programs. Pre SAR(presar) extracted complex IQ raw scan data with irig time stamp. Presar had several adaptation parameters to deal with recorded data integrity and the identification and realignment of data within a scan to deal with recorded data drop out errors. Pre Calibration Ring Bus (pcalrb) program extracted operator selected APG-76 inter processor ring bus calibration messages synchronized with IQ RADAR data scans. Developed IQ Quality (iqqual) statistical analysis program with multiple plotting outputs in postscript or HPGL. Developed production data extraction programs and processes to automate the extraction of multi gigabyte data sets for MMRS RADAR acceptance certification. The above tasks involved the writing of C++, C and unix shell and DCL scripts for Dec Vax, Convex, Sun OS, Hp-ux and SGI computers. The above process reduced end to end SAR data processing from 14 hours to 45 minutes.

Watman Associates1990 to 1992
Consulting Engineer, Consulting for Raymond Engineering. Designed and developed the Akashi Bridge bolt data collection and analysis program. This program was used maintain, upload and download a database of bolt load parameters for the 13000 bolts used to clamp suspension cables. Designed and developed the Hydraulic Ultra Sonic Bolting System(HUBS) control program. The HUBS program was areal time embedded control program for controlling sequential bolting of the joints of the solid rocket boosters of the NASA Space Transportation System. The program maintained a database of the bolting process and provided complete calibration of pressure and ultrasonic load measuring instrumentation. Designed and fabricated the HUBS Electronic Emulation Simulator. Developed Dynatree Graphic Compiler Program. This programs compiles a system parts database in a script file. The script file is interpreted by the Futurenet schematic editor to create an assembly family tree drawing. The Dyantree program featured full parts database to drawing to database back annotation and automated difference report generation. The Dyantree program was implemented with user friendly popup help menus. Consulting to Norden Systems: Developed CAE wire running list from schematic wire diagrams. This program was used to track custom wiring of the G2 MMRS flight test aircraft. Consulting to Emhart Glass Machinery: Provided master communication interface design to upgrade various glass inspection machines. Designed Generation II Check detector (G2CD) embedded computer. The G2CD is used to inspect glass bottles with optical processing. The G2CD provided graphics displays of optical sensor data and provides an Arcnet link for remote control and reporting of statistical quality control data. Designed the G2CD master and slave micro control circuit boards.

United Technologies, Norden Systems1986 to 1990
Senior Development Engineer, Performed circuit design verification simulation using HHB systems CADAT simulator. Created structural gate, C behavior models of Xilinc and UMTC gate arrays. Created Cadat digital stimulus language files to verify device and board level circuit operation, Analyzed fault coverage for stimulus adequacy. Created hundreds of VAX DCL, Unix and Dos scripts/programs to provide file system transparent integration. The systems integrated were SUN3, SUN4, MICROVAX, and DOS work stations, and VAX 7/80 and 8600 mainframes. The systems were linked using DECNET, TCP/IP ethernet and serial links. Supervisor of Computer Aided Engineering personnel and equipment. The system included Vax-VMS, Valid scald unix and IBM PC-AT dos/unix ethernet linked nodes. Project Engineer for the subcontract of an Advanced synthetic aperture radar SAR Flight line Memory Loader Verifier(MLV). Responsible for the definition of MLV 1553 bus software protocols, system requirements, schedule requirements and proposal pricing. Product Engineer for SAR Programmable Signal Processor Test Set (PSPTS). When Mr. Watson assumed responsibility, the delivery of the first PSPTS was expected in 6 months, 4 months behind schedule. The first test set was delivered 10 weeks later on schedule. Project Engineer for SAR LRU test set software. Defined and developed schedule requirements for certification, acceptance and diagnostic software deliverables. Responsible for technical and administrative guidance of team of 8 product engineers.

Northeastern University1985 to 1987
State of the Arts Engineering Program. Associate Instructor. Developed and taught "CAE The New Revolution" course. This course overviews high and low end Computer Aided Engineering work stations and software.

Martindale Associates, Reading Ma.1984 to 1986
Applications Engineering Manager. Responsibilities included: Developing and giving in-depth product presentations. Providing systems configuration, including hardware, software, power and timing analysis. Providing analysis of competitive products. Providing product sales and marketing training to inside and outside sales personnel. Providing on site training and system integration. Verifying product bugs and coordinating factory support and developing workarounds. Verifying cross vendor software and hardware compatibility. Products supported in CAE included: Data I/O Futurenet DASH design capture, CADAT logic simulator, PSPICE analog simulator, DASH printed circuit board(PCB) layout packages. Netlist translators to Redac, Telesis, Scicards, PCB layout systems; HHB Systems Cadat Hardware Modeler and Accelerator; AT&T Omnidraft computer aided drafting system. Hardware products supported included: Prolog, Ziatech, STD-bus cards, Faraday PC and AT bus cards, Opto 22 control cards. Also developed two 1 day training seminars with manuals. The first seminar provided in-depth coverage of state and timing logic analysis. The second seminar covered Futurenet schematic capture and design database compilation.

General Mills, Parker Brothers, Beverly Mass.1982 to 1984
Principal Engineer. Established and responsible for management fo the Test Engineering Group. Supervised 6 engineering and technical personnel. Developed Z80 based automatic test set to support video game cartridge production. This from scratch system design was on line four months after project approval. System supported four independent test sites. Test sites included dual cartridge testheads and robotic printed circuit board or device handler. Twenty-six systems were deployed at General Mills toy group manufacturing facilities world wide. Developed IBM PC disk testing philosophy and test equipment. Developed software configuration control philosophy for released game products.

Naval Underwater Systems Center, Newport, R.I1969 to 1982
Senior Electronic Engineer. Responsible for program management of software engineering for the Advanced Capability(ADCAP) Mk 48 torpedo Automatic Test Equipment(ATE). Included: providing technical guidance on equipment selecting, test set software design interpretation of system specifications and military standards, manpower and material cost accounting, technical liaison between Navy program office and contractors. Project Engineer for the ADCAP torpedo Computer Bus Access system. Included: total system specification, design, programing, integration, and test. Served as a systems consultant on mini and microcomputer system testing; interface requirements between automatic test equipment and embedded torpedo computers; computer communications protocols; in-circuit emulation techniques; real time software testing methods and software development. Responsibilities included the development of several STD BUS, Z80 and 8085 systems. These systems were used to provide real time simulation data for the evaluation of integration testing and logic analysis software testing techniques. Performed technical evaluation and integration of the ADCAP Evaluation Instrumentation/Warhead test set. Performed technical evaluation and integration testing of torpedo MK 48 Homing Control Logic unit fault detection software.

Other Related Education:

Testing Microprocessor based Systems by IAPS
Network Communications Protocols by CAPE
Hands On Pascal Workshop by ICS
Integrated Circuit Engineering by George Washington University
Sonar Signal Processing by STC
Software Acquisition/Development Management by SEC.
AN/UYK 20 Architecture by Sperry Univac
SDEX/20 Programming by Sperry Univac
MTASS Version 11 by Sperry Univac
AN/UYK 20 Assembly Programming by Sperry Univac
CMS-2M Programming by Sperry Univac
Digital Command Language Programming by DEC
Structured Analysis and Design by Yordon
Datatrieve Programming by DEC
Microprocessor Programming and Systems Design by ProLog
PL/M-86 Language/Software Design Workshop by Intel
MCS-80/85 System Workshop by Intel
MCS-86/88 System Workshop by Intel
Microprocessor Interface by Infoscope
6800/02 Microprocessor Programming by Infoscope