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Photos of Masuk Concert Choir, May 7, 2000 at Avery Fisher Hall Lincoln Center.

The Connecticut Young
Performers Music

Masuk Concert Choir

Robyn Gangi, Conductor
Eric Nyquist, Assistant Conductor
Sharon Guarascio, Piano


The Masuk Wind Ensemble
Tom Miner, Director

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The Photo Index list with discription.

Photo Index 1. Boarding.
Photo Index 2. On the bus.
Photo Index 3. On the bus and arrival.
Photo Index 4. To the back stage area.
Photo Index 5. Waiting to enter.
Photo Index 6. Last in.
Photo Index 7. The performance begins.
Photo Index 8. Performance.
Photo Index 9. Performance.
Photo Index 10. Performance.
Photo Index 11. Listening and curves and splashes.
Photo Index 12. After photos.
Photo Index 13. A few parting pics.
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